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Geishas! How we create these designs!

Main page Geishas! How we create these designs!
geisha spirit of japan embroidery cd
"Geisha - Spirit od Japan" machine embroidery collection with modern oriental designs.
Diditizer: Igor Denisov.
Distributor: Sonit ind (Australia).
Sponsorship: Wacom Australia, Robison-Anton Australia, Swarovski - BeJewel your embroidery with Swarovski® Hot Fix Crystals (sample inside).
In September, 2006 the decision to let out a set of designs for embroidery machines under the general name "Geishas" was accepted. Works under the given project have been divided into 2 stages. The 1-st stage was creation of aconceptual and original graphic material.
The 2-nd stage was a digitizing of figures. Development of a graphic content has been charged to Berseneva Maria.

Process of creation of works is rather labour geisha spirit of japan step by step-consuming and borrows a lot of time, 25-30 hours.
It begins with sketches a pencil on a paper. Here the most important is correctly to construct proportions, but it is possible to not go into detail. For breadboard models the special wooden doll to which the necessary positions are given has been used. Then the sketch is scanned and led round, using a feather of a tablet atop by more equal contour. Then in different layers details are painted over and I mix a semitone, reaction of a tablet to various degrees of pressing perfectly helps with this process. Drawinga feather of a tablet, it is possible to achieve easily transition of one color in another, half-transparency. Artist Maria Berseneva made illustration geisha
After the form is given to details work above fine details-ornaments, hair, wool (if I draw an animal) is given to details begins. Work is kept some times during drawing as it allows to return in case of need to any stage. Animated stages. After details the background is studied. A background is the most complex part of the image.
When all is ready, work is kept in several formats including psd. , and this file in Photoshop opens. Here contrast is edited, are created a framework. If it is necessary, I am used plug-ins or filters. After reduction of the image as it is primary for detailed study the size more often makes 2000 х 2000, work is ready to further use.
The used equipment: Intel Pentium 4,2400 MHz, Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000MK (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN), Gigabyte Radeon 9200 (128 Mb), WD 74 GB, ST 200 Gb, NEC DVD-RW, Windows XP Pro SP2, Wacom Graphire 3 A6 Programs The used equipment: Intel Pentium 4,2400 MHz, Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000MK (3 PCI, 1 AGP, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN), Gigabyte Radeon 9200 (128 Mb), WD 74 GB, ST 200 Gb, NEC DVD-RW, Windows XP Pro SP2, Wacom Graphire 3 A6.
The Software: Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop CS2. Further we start creation of a file for embroidery machines. The image is framing, is given additional contrast to details. We keep the new image in format BMP.
We open the program for creation of machine embroidery - Punto 6.02 XPX from Softeam. The principle of creation of designs inmachine embroideries is similar to principles of work inclassical animation. The image is loaded into the programin the form of a pattern which is used for manual trace. This process is very labour-consuming and borrows up to 70% working hours. The basic advantages of a tablet here are shown in an opportunity of long work not testing weariness of hands and unpleasant sensations in brushes (peculiar at work with the mouse) and uses of programmed keys of a tablet. Practically, only due to movement of brushes we easily operate with curves, we move objects and we change forms. pillow with geisha machine eembroidery designContours of figure anew appear vector forms.
Technological parameters for embroidery machines (density, a direction of stitches, effects, etc.) are set. The primary goal of digitizer is not only to set the correct order of embroidery of objects, but also operating with parameters of objects will lower a degree of deformation of materials on which the given design will be embroidered. The designis kept in a necessary format. Test embroidery for check of result.
The used equipment: HP dc7600 (RG648ES) P4 915 2.8/512/250/DVD-RW/Audio/Lan/Wacom Intuos 3 A4. The Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2.
About authors: Berseneva Maria "I Study: (Institute of the State Administration) Art formation is not present, but is planned. Experience in illustrative the schedule - 4 years. Plans for the future: to reach a strong level in the field of digital art. I use Wacom Graphire 3 A6 since 2004"
Denisov Igor: "I work in illustrative the schedule and a web design since 1995. Since 1998 I am engaged in digitizing. Since 1997 I use Wacom Intuos 3, since 2005 I use Wacom Intuos 3 A4."
Now we sell this "Geisha Spirit of Japan" machine embroidery collection via Australian distributor company and our on-line shop.
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download machine embroidery design
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