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Letter from Orfeus company to Bernina Australia

Main page Letter from Orfeus company to Bernina Australia

Letter from Orfeus embroidery company to Bernina Australia

Author: Olga Sudnitsina (Sonit Ind. Australia Bribane)
Proposal to BERNINA from ORFEUS:
Kevin following up on our conversation today please find below crystallized points of our proposal to you.
ORFEUS is invited by REED Exhibition as a profiled designer for all of the next year Stitches and Craft shows around Australia.
We also will be featuring at WACOM website as profiled embroidery designers early next year. We are elite team of contemporary embroidery digitisers using latest in computer technology Japanese digitising tablets to create our artwork AND to digitise the designs.
To complement BERNINA launching ARTISTA 5 software in Australia next year we propose to profile your software for you full technical enhancements covered in depth and especially how to utilize the software effectively with Wacom digitising tablet.
As we will be occupying a large stand with WACOM/ORFEUS banner on it we will be digitizing on the computer screen and outputting it on a large plazma/LCD screen for everyone to enjoy this experience. We would consider offering you an opportunity to tape the tutorials and make them available for your future website for everyone wanting to have a go at tablet digitising.
We are trying to tie two strong technology brands BERNINA and WACOM together: to enable human interface to your software, unlocking the technical capability of your software aimed at the consumer market, ultimately resulting in immensely improved digitising output resulting in even higher satisfaction of customers with your product.
ORFEUSs proposal in details:
1. To enable us to master and introduce the program to the market new version of your programs (this needs to be done ASAP): this version will be used at all of the show stands.
2. BERNINA embroidery machine 730E to be used at the stands and to experiment at home with I would like to keep this machine on a loan basis.
3. Advertisements and promotional materials: demo versions or samples/promotional disks or printed information about your machines and especially the software.
4. To secure our services in profiling ARTISTA 5 for you we would like a following undertaking from Bernina Australia: with each version of Artista 5 sold around Australia we want to bundle our Quintessential ORFEUS sampler 15 high quality embroidery designs in a single exclusive ART format (these can be provided at any quantity to you and your dealers at cost of CD ~$5 each).
5. In return for our unique marketing services and raising a launched profile for ARTISTA we are requesting BERNINA to sponsor our accommodation and flights at all of the shows for next year around $2000 for each of 6 shows (two people traveling to all of the shows).
6. We would be happy to facilitate BERNINA and WACOM bundling solution: Artista 5 and WACOM tablets - with us proving the know-hows around the use of the tablet in forms of tutorials.
Further notes: ORFEUS and WACOM will be giving away major prizes for the show (tablet and complete designs collection) to further gain exposure BERNINA may choose to donate a machine as well to REED exhibition for a raffle or an entry prize.
Furthermore we have canvassed Mettler Thread distributors in Australia and we have good indicators from Deidrie today that they will come to a party with you as well! So imagine there will be a very coherent solution and unique enjoyable experience for the customer Thread that works with the embroidery machine that is stitching-out some amazing quality designs digitised in front of their eyes with your software by us. This seems the only classical marketing approach that works in this tough although expanding embroidery market increase interest in the consumer and fire their imagination.
Kevin, as time is of the essence I need your executive decision quickly as I have to keep the ball rolling say end of this week as I am heading to Europe for three week holiday and first show is in February. I would need to understand your agreement in principal and where to from here. We are evaluating other proposals as well but this proposal with you is the most mutually benefiting in my humble opinion.
Please have a look at the attached images of our new artistic disk Geisha spirit of Japan. It is the latest in digitising technology (attainable with ARTISTA 5) and uses breathtaking artwork done by our artists.
If the answer is yes from you I would like to get ARTISTA 5 software to be supplied ASAP this week.
Looking forward to your quick reply or call anytime on 61 400 ORFEUS (673387). I shall follow up with you myself by Friday. Kind regards,
Olga Sudnitsin Managing Director ORFEUS brand

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