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Overalls for your Pekinese dog. Master class

Main page Overalls for your Pekinese dog. Master class

Overalls with undercoat for a little Pekinese dog

Pekinese dog with overalls

This Master class will teach you how to sew and embroider handmade dog overalls.

On pictures below you can see how it will look like: overalls with undercoat is very beautiful and helpful clothing for you dog in rainy and cold weather.
Author: Oksana Vushkan

Embroidered overalls

Free download

Free overall templates for download (pdf files for open need Adobe Acrobat reade free software and printer)

The Undercoat look

The Scheme

In this drawing scheme are shown distinctive features of Pekinese which you have to pay attention at first to: short and strong neck, strong thorax, short forward pads and much longer back ones. Of course, Pekineses (of old breed) are different: there are small, medium and big ones. Body length can be different (by the way, machine-produced overalls in shops must be chosen by that parameter and by the dog`s sex).

In this master class overalls is for quite long dog and you probably will have to shorten produced overalls. To do this you can cut upper and lower parts of the overall across on the pattern and move to the needed length.

Before the start of overalls sewing take your dog`s measures:

- the measure from the neck basis to the tail basis (along the backbone)

- the volume of the thorax in the most wide place (it will be helpful in the check of correctness of the patterns).

This overalls is made with undercoat which is attached to it with buttons. Also these overalls can be worn without the undercoat (in rainy but not cold weather).

Tip: give your dog as muck freedom in this clothing as possible. Just let the overalls hang under the belly and your pet will feel comfortable.

For your comfortability the master class will be illustrated with patterns. On it, with blue color are shown already sewed stitches and with red are shown ones to sew at the step.

You can embroider overalls after cutting the patterns, so it will look much more beautiful!

Lower detail and pads patterns

Step 1: stitch the bores on the parts together. You can make tucks instead of bores.

Pattern with upper detail

Step 2: sew the details of forward and back pads to the lower overalls detail without stitching the allowances.

Pattern with breast detail

Step 3: stitch the upper overalls part and the place on the forward pad of the overalls together (from KT to KT), lower detail of the overall (from KT to KT) and back pad (from KT to KT).

Step 4: stitch together the breast detail (by its side) and already sewed one to one upper side of the Pekinese overalls and forward pad detail.

Step 5: do the same operations with the opposite side of the overalls.

Step 6: apply face to face the lower details (belly), combining the cuts and stitch them together.

Overalls lower part

Step 7: stitch together applying the edges one forward pad detail (the side stitch of the “sleeve”), then edges of the breast detail and lower one (applying centers of the details) and then another forward pad detail (side stitch) with one stitch.

Step 8: stitch together parts of the back pad`s side stitch.

Step 9: process the allowances of the stitches as you wish: with slanting inlay, zigzag stitch, singe them or leave the stitches as they are (if the fabric does not strew itself) for all the exploitation.

Tip: do sew the allowances to the overalls itself, so they will not tickle your dog

Step 10: tuck and stitch edges of all the pad details. Put there elastic bands. Band must pull the sleeve not too hard: the dog`s pad can be damaged while clothing. Be very attentive with it and don`t forget about fifth finger on the back of every pad.

The bar for zip

Step 11: process the bar protecting the wool from getting to the zip.

Step 12: sew in the bar and the zip fixing its edges near the neck. This will prevent the fastener from coming off the zip spiral. The zip itself must be strong, not thin one.

Step 13: process with slanting inlay the edge of the neck detail. Then do the same to the edges of back part of the handmade overalls.

The elastic band

Step 14: sew above the tail place across the back side the elastic band (very lightly pulled one) and fix it at the back pads details. This is for holding back pads on its places.

There are all patterns you can download and print.

But if you have no printer it`s not a problem! Just open masterclass.pdf and find there the second page. Then zoom it as you want and measure the bar with mark "29 cm". For example, on your monitor this bar is 15.5 cm long. Divide 29/15.5, you get 1.87. Now you can measure any object of the patterns and multiply this measure on 1.87 and the result is the real measure to draw on your paper for patterns.

And some Tips about how to make your overalls better:

1. Do not place the zip at the belly: it`s no good for rainy weather and also doesn`t provide you and your pet with comfortable pulling of the overalls

2. If you wish you can sew the handles to the overalls. But don`t forget that the handles must be sewed at the belly detail: it will make it strong and comfortable.

3. As it is said, it`s convinient to embroider overalls when its parts now sewed together. And if the zip disturb you with embroidering, you can just sew another bar of fabric above it: so you can ebroider any picture and it will provedi your dog with additional warmth in cold weather.

And this is it. Now you can make a very good gift for your pet to keep him clean and in warm.

download machine embroidery design
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