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Brother Entrepreneur Pro 1000e first look

Main page Brother Entrepreneur Pro 1000e first look

Review: Brother embroidery machine Entrepreneur Pro 1000e

Brother embroidery machine Entrepreneur Pro 1000e

In 2011, Japan brand Brother presented a new embroidery machine Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e, which can be called more than just a machine. This is a little embroidery workshop in just one box. Why? Let`s see what the Entrepreneur can do for us.

10 Needles: faster and brighter

10 Needles in Brother embroidery machine

The Brother embroidery machine Entrepreneur ProЃ PR1000e is equipped with 10 independent needles, so now you can embroider up to 30% faster than using the embroidery machine with single needle. Of course, every needle can have its own color: this provides you with a variety of color decisions and makes your embroidery design brighter and more beautiful. Also with that you can stitch the 10-colored designs without changing the thread. Isn`t it perfect ? As the machine makes up to 1000 stitches per 1 minute, you can finish all your projects faster than ever before. With this machine Brother leads you to really new style of creative embroidering.

10 Thread Eyelet Threading system: comfort and accuracy

Threading system for machine embroidery

Meet the new word in machine embroidery: Brother's Eyelet Threading system. This system keeps all your threads at right angle, with consistent tensions and even lets you change your 10 threads more simple and comfortable. The Brother Entrepreneur Pro PR1000 also has an unique threading system: just one button helps to place the thread on right place and go on with your embroidery design almost in some seconds.

10 LED Lights: visual control

InnovaChrome visual system

The new Brother`s machine has got an improvement of the InnovaChrome LED Thread Color System: well-known system that allows you easily as never select and change your colors in multi-needle embroidering. It consists of 10 LED lights placed underneath of each thread spool, this lights mimic the colors of your threads and help you not to miss the needed color when embroidering. The machine in global is very independent with detecting the thread condition: it will indicate with LED or with sound cue when your thread needs to be changed or it`s broken. Also you`ll know how much of your embroidery design is finished (and when it`s completed).

8.5Ф LCD Display

LCD Display for Brother machine

The Brother embroidery machine PR1000e is supplied with one of the most convenient and useful displays in embroidery machines by Sharp Corporation. This display is called Advanced Super View (ASV) and is really more than you`ve ever used in embroidery machines. Great view angles (176 vertically and horizontally), multi-touch, video and photo viewing Ц these ones are a little of its advantages. Now you can download free embroidery design (here, for example) and see it up to 200% on your Entrepreneur Pro catching every little detail of it. The design also can be viewed with any background color you wish. Watch the built-in Tutorials and videos, download and watch your own: now you`re provided with a great tool to make your design perfect.

Pure Lightning

Lighting embroidery machine

The Entrepreneur Pr1000e cares about your eyes and quality of your embroidery design. With new full-spectrum lighting LEDs your project will be perfectly lighted and even its colors will look brighter. 5 built-in LEDs make the light with no shadows, helping to increase accuracy and precision control. The lighting has 5 settings of the light, so you`ll be able to easily choose the setting for the situation and see the real red and blue colors in your embroidery project.

InnovEye Technology

InnovEye Brother embroidery technology

One more Brother`s exclusive technology embodied in this machine is InnovEye. This allows you to precise needle placement in hard-to-see areas of the design you embroider. Now you will not waste time to place the needle only by a intuition: with this technology you`ll see your needle placement by a bird`s eye view! You can see the point of needle work up close on the display, so it`ll save your time and make your design more accurate.

Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker

Snowman embroidery positioning

This technology is of great help for the hard situations such as losing embroidering start point and thread breakage. The InnovEye with its Snowman will point you where to place the needle and even automatically position the needle and design to make the position of your free embroidery design downloaded here perfectly. And even if the InnovEye can`t help you, there is one more cool function! With the Grid you`ll be able to achieve the most precise embroidery placement. So, if automatically InnovEye or Snowman can`t do anything, you can manually place your design at the right position. And if the thread is broken, just use the InnovEye to view the breakage point and then the Grid Function to determine the spot of the embroidery restart.

Built-in embroidery designs

Built in embroidery designs

The Brother`s Entrepreneur ProЃ PR1000 isn`t equipped just with technologies. 110 built-in embroidery designs are in your order! Don`t get lost in choosing one of it, or combining two or more with design editing feature. And you can just get free embroidery design here to use it on your own: just download it and send to the machine! The PR1000 also has 28 built-in alphabet fonts (the quantity you can increase downloading free embroidery fonts from here too) which can be transformed to beautiful phrases and decorative letters on your design. You can transfer the designs and the fonts to and from machine with USB connected to PC, external HDD or just USB flash drive.

Embroidery Software kit

PE-Design free embroidery software

The Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e is also equipped with PE-DESIGN Next Upgrade embroidery software (to use it, you must have PE-DESIGN 5.0 or above): convenient graphical interface for working with any embroidery design free and easily, built-in fonts, ability to split any large design into sections and many more. This machine embroidery software is of great help for your business opportunities: you can synchronize work of up to 4 embroidery machines to make projects faster and identical.


Accessory for Brother PR1000e

Of course, the PR1000e is supplied with a lot of additional embroidery accessories for convenient and easy working with it. Large embroidery field (the biggest of Brother machines), stable support system for frames and heavy items, four included frames, a lot of additional accessories you can buy with the machine Ц all it will lead you to the greater embroidery experience ever.

Finally, it can be said that the Entrepreneur PR1000e is more than an embroidery machine. This is perfect tool for amateur home embroidering such as for small business project making. A lot of abilities, new look on the embroidering and the productivity of this machine inspire you for making unreal projects, to compose awesome designs and make it fast and with pleasure.

download machine embroidery design
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